“The Easter Experience”

“The Easter Experience”

Hi Church,

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 1st, begins the 40 Days of Lent – letting the Holy Spirit refresh our lives and getting ready for Good Friday and Easter.

This Sunday will be the first Sunday of Lent and we are having Communion. It will be a great opportunity for us to let the Holy Spirit “rev up” our spiritual temperature.

As Lent begins tomorrow, Wednesday, March 1st we are starting “The Easter Experience” at our Wednesday Worship.  You are invited to come along at 6:30pm.

I am just wondering if you are doing anything different over these 40 days.  Like…

extra prayer time, letting go of some Facebook/computer/TV time, giving the body a break from some food, looking for and taking some hospitality opportunities with neighbors by fasting from some of your routine behaviors, attending “The Easter Experience” at Wednesday Worship or another Life Group that is using this material setting aside a daily time for singing praise tunes, etc.?

The list is long.  Don’t try to do them all.  Just do something that over these 40 days will say, “I Love You, LORD!”

Grace and Peace in Christ,

Pastor Roger

Lead Pastor

Syrian Family Celebration Time!

New Beginnings

New Accomplishments

New Friendships

New Baby Coming

Celebration on Saturday, February 25th at 2:00 pm

in the FHB Community Room.

Everyone is Welcome to a Wonderful Gathering

with all our “New Canadians” from the Middle East

who have been here for a year.

One couple, Fuad and Iman, are having a baby boy

very soon and we would like to bring together

Baby Shower gifts to welcome him.

Bring along some finger food to share.