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Zoomers on the Go!
Fitness classes are a wonderful opportunity for people whose desire is to be independent, healthy, strong and mobile as they mature. The Zoomers on the Go program (for those who are 50+) is under the direction of St. Joseph’s Community Health Centre. Each person who registers is assessed by health care professionals before beginning the classes and at a later date to monitor improvement in strength, balance, and endurance which helps to prevent injuries and falls. Participants register through the Health Centre by calling 632-5537.

The Library offers a variety of resources for adults, children and teens:

  • DVDs – biblical teaching/movies/humour
  • CDs – Christmas & Easter music/worship/hymns
  • Non-fiction books – commentaries/study guides/biographies/crafts/books about marriage, parenting, prayer, grief, finances, missions, Christian living, etc.
  • Fiction books – humour/romance/mystery/adventure/historical

We encourage everyone to take advantage of these materials that are provided for your spiritual growth and enjoyment. “…for knowledge will be pleasant to your soul” (Prov. 2:10).