missionariesThe Missions Committee at Forest Hills Baptist Church aims to be a champion for the equipping and participation of our Church community in spreading the Gospel by word and deed, both near and far. Our Missions Committee communicates with our “Partners in Missions”, who serve locally, nationally and abroad. Some of our “Partners in Missions” and Missions organizations we support or are involved with include:

Saturday Night Supper Program
Saint John East Food Bank
Saint John Kings Association of Baptist Churches
Camp Tulakadik
Baptist Hospital Chaplaincy
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (I.V.C.F.)
Saint John Community Chaplaincy

Atlantic Canada: Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches
Moncton, NB: Crandall University
Wolfville, NS: Acadian Divinity College
Toronto, ON: Yonge Street Mission
British Columbia: Misty River Ministries
Union of French Baptist Churches in Canada

Canadian Baptist Ministries

Philippines: Send International – Laura Bonney & Ruth Haynes

Newcomer Committee
The Newcomer Family Committee started out as the Refugee Family Committee with the task of looking at how and if Forest Hills Baptist Church could and would sponsor a refugee family and assist them to resettle in Saint John. When our first families arrived, it became the Newcomer Family Committee. The Committee navigates the private sponsorship process through CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) so our church can sponsor a refugee family to come to Canada. The Committee then assists in resettling the Newcomer families here in Saint John. The Committee has also assisted a family to repatriate to their own country from a refugee camp. Each sponsorship the Committee has put forward has taken 2-4 years.

The Newcomer Committee meets once every 4-6 weeks during the research, application and processing phase then every 1-2 weeks in the resettlement phase. Resettling a family is very hands-on and time consuming and many hands are needed in many areas (financial, health, daily living, shelter, transportation, education, etc).