Other Ministries

Music & Worship
There are many people serving in the Music and Worship Ministries at Forest Hills Baptist Church. We have two Worship Teams that serve in our two Sunday morning worship services, made up of dedicated singers and musicians who rehearse weekly and serve in worship leadership each Sunday morning. Our 11am Worship Service also has another team of instrumentalists who accompany our hymn singing and worship. This team includes our organist, pianists and occasionally our drummer.

In addition to the Worship Teams who serve on Sunday Mornings, FHB also has a Choir who sings for special Worship Services, like Easter Sunday or at Christmas. They also prepare the “Living Christmas Tree” each year, which is a wonderful performance that brings in record numbers to hear the Christmas carols and music of the season. The choir also sings carols for residents of Loch Lomond Villa during the Christmas season.

Other parts of the Music Ministry at FHB include our Junior Choir (please see Children’s Ministries for more information) and our Instrumental Ensemble, which plays in our 11 a.m. worship service several times a year. Finally, an integral part of the Music Ministry is our Music Committee, which meets when there administrative issues to discuss with regard to the music ministry.

The Audio-Visual ministry includes those who work the sound board as well as those who run the powerpoint presentations during our Sunday morning worship services and during special events. They are an integral part of our music and worship ministry.

Deaf Ministry
This is a wonderful opportunity to share God’s word with our deaf friends. The complete service is interpreted in sign language. We also visit with the deaf community and interpret for other events such as weddings, funerals, medical and other appointments.

Included in the Deaf Ministry is a Sunday School class for the deaf which is attended as well by some of the interpreters and when deaf attend it too is fully interpreted. Social times and special occasions when other deaf friends are invited are also part of our outreach.

silver-falls-4 Prayer Ministry
“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may (provide an) open door for our message . . .” Colossians 4:2-3

The vision of the Prayer Ministry is that Forest Hills Baptist Church will become a House of Prayer. “My house will be called a House of Prayer for all nations.” Isaiah 56:7

Our mission is to motivate and teach others to pray, and provide opportunities for the church family to be involved in prayer.

There are pockets of pray-ers who pray for our children, youth, local and foreign missions, church fellowship needs, world affairs, the sick & shut-in as well as our senior citizens.

A team of intercessors take turns praying during the 9:30 and 11:00 AM worship services.

The Prayer Line is available to the church family and to our community daily and we continue to see God at work in our midst.

Welcoming Ministry
The goal of the Welcome Ministry of Forest Hills Baptist Church is to make those who come into our Church feel at home, especially those who are new to our fellowship. They greet people when they walk through the doors of the Church on Sunday morning and provide a gift when people are received into membership of our church.

Flowers & Decorating
This committee is responsible for placing flowers and other décor in the church, vestry, etc throughout the year. Special holidays such as Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving get added attention. Watering the plants within the church and decorating for special dinners, showers etc. are also part of the committee’s duties.