Forest Hills Baptist Church Guidelines Use of Church Bus


Forest Hills Baptist Church Guidelines

Use of Church Bus

Purpose and Usage of the Bus:

The Church Bus is the property of Forest Hills Baptist Church and should be used to effectively aid in the ministries of the church.  Noted below are the primary usage times of the bus.  Any requirement outside those times should be scheduled in advance and should be reserved on a first come first serve basis.  All ministries should consider other groups when reserving the bus.

  1. The first ministry of the bus is to transport children to the After School (AS) program through LWCDC. It is in use on all school days in the afternoon.
  2. The second ministry is used for the Sunday Morning “Bus Ministry” bringing people to and from Church for service.
  3. For times outside of the two listed above, it needs to be reserved. Bus can be used for other church functions provided it is reserved and available.  Such occasions may include Youth Mission Trips, Weekend Retreats, Taking youth to Outflow, GEMS day trips, etc.


  • A master Reservation Schedule should be maintained by Nick Crozier at 608-418- or email at  Confirmation should be returned and time put on the schedule.  It should be readily available for review by any group planning an event.  (Can this be posted / maintained on the web site?)


Conflicting Requests:

  • It is the intent to best utilize the bus for ministries of FHBC so if the case should arise that there are two events planned, the two groups involved should negotiate and if it cannot be settled, then the Priority list above the Reserved list shall be used.

Special Times:

  • There are a couple of common / regular times of the year where the Youth and AS Program will co-ordinate Schedules – March Break where the bus will be available for at least two days that week with the AS Program having it for at least 2 days as well. Also – the Youth will have the bus for one full week in the summer for an annual Mission Trip.  (These should be reserved as far in advance as possible to aid in others scheduling.) As the Mission Trip involves one or two Sundays, The Sunday Bus Ministry will be required to find other transportation for those availing of the service.



Driver Requirements / Insurability / Training:

  • Each driver must have the Valid Motor Vehicle License – Class “2 “ .
  • All Drivers must have submitted updated forms :
    • Current Criminal Record Check
    • Abstract
    • Medical
    • Social Development
  • Driver credentials must be provided to, and accepted by FHBC Insurer
  • Each part time / backup driver must drive one occasion every 6 months. This could be to take a turn driving Sunday morning.

Bus Safety:

  • Driver is responsible to conduct the required safety inspection prior to departure.
  • Driver must complete the Daily Usage Log (Appendix A)
  • Driver is responsible to ensure adequate adult supervision is present on the bus as well
  • Driver is to ensure the bus is not overloaded – people or luggage – all people are in seat belts.

Usage Log:

  • Drivers are responsible to log all usage of the bus: (Appendix B)
    • Group Using
    • Driver’s Time (Paid / Not Paid)
    • Km Driven
    • Damages
    • Safety Issues found / reports / fixed

Cost / Reimbursement of Bus:

  • Budgeted costs currently include all LWCDC and AS program usage, Transportation to Church Services and short haul (within city proximity) Youth Events (Outflow, Dayspring)
  • Our Insurance Limitations exclude us from using the bus for other than LWCDC and FHBC events.
  • Church groups using the bus should reimburse for any costs of a driver and for the gas used (return bus full). If the driver donates time, then only gas needs to be reimbursed.  (For groups estimating cost of gas reimbursement (when collecting money up front), they should use $ 0.40 / km)
    • Driver Time being considered actual time of event plus “ 1 “ hour for preparation and cleaning times at $ 20.00 per hour.
    • Reimbursement should be labelled accurately (with person Responsible for collecting) and placed in the Sunday Morning Offering. (Appendix C)


  • Any group using the bus and causes damage (other than a MV accident), is responsible for restitution. Damage to be reported by the Driver

Loan to Associated Ministries / Charities:

  • Due to insurance restrictions, the bus cannot be used outside of church activities.

New Drivers:

  • FHBC does require several drivers to back up the principal driver (paid) for the AS program. The recommendation is to have between 4 – 6 fully qualified drivers.  Under the guidance of a qualified driver / instructor the bus may be used to train and take the driver test with.  This is limited to new drivers that will become drivers for FHBC – not for personal purposes only, and only when we are in need to increase the compliment of drivers.

Bus Guideline Review:

  • An annual review of this guideline and the agreed processes to ensure efficient and effective use of the bus. This Review Committee should consist of a Representative from LWCDC, CE, Deacons, the Full time Driver and one person outside those groups.  The meeting will be called by the Full Time Driver.



  1. Usage Log
  2. Driver Pay Sheet
  3. Reimbursement Sheet