Summer Student program at FHBC aims to hire youth and young adults into church leadership positions that will give them experience in working with a congregation and develop many new skills. This might happen in a variety of ways: children and youth ministry, helping others with worship leadership, outreach, visitation and many more.

“Working in ministry, especially the youth ministry, that I have been involved in for such a long time was truly rewarding. Watching the youth at Forest Hills grow and flourish in their faith and in their relationships with each other is something I’m going to cherish for my whole life. The spiritual maturity in some of the youth is something that should be noted and invested in. The Holy Spirit was so active in the lives of the youth this summer!”

“Forest Hills continues to be an excellent place to work. The staff and volunteers provide such a safe and welcoming environment. The staff become more than just bosses but friends for life, and that is truly a testament to the fact that FHBC is an intergenerational church. There is so much to gain by being the summer student and I have been blessed twice by this job.”

Rodney Steeves – Summer Student 2016